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Have you ever logged on to website information of which dates back to several months and even years ago? Certainly you would confirm it. Throughout the recent years we have encountered a remarkable augmentation in Internet websites which usually a group of designers have undertaken the project task and spending money and time, made the websites operational. Unluckily, owing to employers lack of familiarity with the world state-of-the-art systems, this way is still continuing and every day we witness the emergence of these types of sites. In these types of sites, the employer is bound to providing necessary information to make his site operational but this is not the only problem. In static sites, in order to make the smallest change, the employer must ring the designer company up and with paying a second-time expense and spending time; the new change can be made on the site.

Do you see it as essential to revisit a website whose information you had already seen and this information has remained with no change made to it?
The clear point is that the sites which are always and in an appropriate time updated enjoy the fruits of more visitors and this point is, in fact, attainment of chief objectives of electronic commerce and will result in more profits for their owners. Today and in this a lot-changing world of information, in order for the Internet sites to give the information in time and in an effective way, they must be kept up to date. The aforementioned points were only part of the problems of static sites and in order for you to arrive at more points, just listen to one of the owners of these sites.

Content Management Systems are a solution to ending these problems and creating dynamic sites. A Content Management System enables the owner of the site to manage his own site control and besides eliminating the available problems of traditional systems offers very high facilities in order to increase the efficiency of the site. The new challenge is to choose a suitable content management system. The open source content management systems which are available on the Internet contain problems galore, such as a low-level security owing to heir open codes. Unfortunately because of the lack of familiarity of the employers with these issues, these systems are received from the Internet for free and sold to customers with different prices which is not intrinsically wrong and as matter of fact misusing the customer's ignorance brings about the appearance of numerous problems for them.


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