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DibaGroup with a team of experienced designers and programmers is at your service to make a fully attractive and modern looking web site for you (see more information on what web designing mean in here).

You'll face the following steps before you get your final web site:

  • Data Gathering: In this phase, our Project Managers talk to you to fully understand your needs and your business. They ask you several questions, like what kind of business you have, who your customers are, the pictures of your products and the materials that you want to use and … They also prose their professional idea and provide you with more contents related to your web site to help the exchange of information.
  • Prototyping: After having enough information from you, our designers start to make some mock ups and test pages. We usually make 3 mock ups in one week. After that, you can see the models and choose one of them and make changes to it based on the color and shapes of other mock ups and your personal idea.
  • Real Designing: Now that you chose your best option and we're sure that you like it, the real phase starts. The designers work more and more to make the design more beautiful and the programmers start to write their programs according to what you asked and put them in the template that the designers provide.
  • Testing: We will transfer your web site from our testing space to your real host in this step. Now you have the chance of working with your web site and asking for final changes and touch ups that you like.
  • Final step: Now that everything is finished, our work with you isn't finished yet! Your name will go in our Site Maintenance plan and you'll receive regular updates and news about your site statistics, marketing rules, new technologies and other cool stuff!

If you feel that you like us to be by your side and help you to make your web site, or you have any other questions, feel free to contact us via mailing addresses, email, fax or telephone. Also if you want to see some of our clients, you can check the portfolio page.


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