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Domain Registration :

Choosing a good domain name for your site is one of the most important factors that helps your customers find you easier. It's your domain name that shows your identity and it's the address that others can find you with. So, choosing a correct and easy to remember name is very important (You can see more information on domains and what they mean in here).

Based on our experience, we see that most of the domains that we register are with Iranian names. It means that people are trying to write their Farsi company names in English (This is called transliteration). So, you see that for a simple Farsi name (like Sanaye Ghazaee Morvarid), we have multiple different spells! We can help you to choose the best and easiest name for yourself (we only suggest, the final decision is upon you of course! ) and we're trying to define a standard for this case. Our Farsi team is trying to address this problem and defines some guidelines in standard transliteration.

Another important factor in registering a domain is the amount of time that you register it. When this time is over, then you will no longer be the owner of that domain! Just imagine what happens that after lots of advertising on your Internet address, you suddenly loose it and someone else takes hold of it! We can help you in this by sending you notification emails and faxes one month before your registration expire.

We can register .com, .net, .edu, .org, .biz, .name and .info TLDs (What is a TLD?). We also offer .ir ccTLD (country code TLD). To check that your domain name exists, enter the desired name in the field below and hit enter.

If you want us to register your domain, we'll be glad to serve you! Please click here to fill the registration form with the name of your desired domain, and we would contact you ASAP.

Domain Registration Prices :

DibaNIC offers various pricing options for our customers. Review our pricing schedule to decide which scenario works best for your needs.

ONIC Plans :

Plan* TLD/ccTLD 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
onic1 .com, .net, .org 80,000 390,000 700,000
onic2 .biz 100,000 475,000 900,000 
onic3 .info 120,000 550,000 1,050,000
onic4 .cc 300,000 1,450,000 2,800,000
onic5 .tv 350,000 1,600,000 3,000,000
onic6 .us 100,000 450,000 850,000
For other options, please contact our domain section.

Prices are in Iranian Rials.

DNIC Plans :

Plan* TLD/ccTLD 1 Year 2 Years 5 Years 10 Years
dnic1 .com, .net, .org 120,000 220,000 520,000 1,000,000
dnic2 .biz, .info 130,000 240,000 540,000 1,000,000
onic3 .cc 330,000 630,000 1,390,000 2,700,000
onic4 .ws 180,000 320,000 660,000  
dnic5 .us 120,000 220,000 520,000 1,000,000
For other options, please contact our domain section.

Prices are in Iranian Rials.

IRNIC Plans :

Plan* ccTLD 1 Year 5 Year
irnic .ir  150,000 450,000 
irnic .co.ir, .ac.ir, ....ir 120,000 350,000 
For other options, please contact our domain section.

Prices are in Iranian Rials.

      *  The plans show the registrar of your domain :
       dnic : OpenSRS(Tucows)

       onic : OnLineNIC

       irnic : NIC.ir



Domain Registration

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